Data, process, monitoring, automatic control, predictive analysis and application development of all facilities are the basic units of smart factories that analyze and optimize process.
Connecting to protocols such as OPC, PLC, Modbus Application in the web environment by installing it in various facilities of the industry and performs the overall production process such as data
storage, analysis, management, visualization and information sharing.
Accessing the IP address to the machine it can access to the data regardless of time or place, and the web browser can also access the local network or web server like world wide web if it has IP address.

Any device with an IP address can be found and accessed from a web service that sets up a common open network on the Internet.
Industrial Internet IIoT, which connects industrial devices such as IoT sensors, switches, robots, automation lines and mechatronics, connects consumers and businesses over the Internet.
IoT shares local intelligence (a device that can receive, process and respond to a computer), communicable services or API (Application Program Interface).