PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

The development of new products in the aerospace and automotive industries required tools to collaborate with many departments, and PLM is applied to almost every industry today.
In the general industry, the cycle of product development, production and distribution requires a lot of time and complex process, so we use PLM to reduce cost, productivity, quality and time to
market. The primary aim of PLM is to strengthen the life cycle of the product and to coordinate the information and processes with it, assuming patterns of product development, production, market
entry, growth, maturity and reduction. It could be improved the management environment by improving work efficiency and productivity with linked other protocols.

We make a taxonomy with a standardized document or product drawing for storage, search, deletion and effective product data management, and it'll be connected with everyone related in product
design and production. Making a taxonomy with standardization of Auto CAD and Multi CAD, we take monitoring the product development status and integrated management.
We make an efficient supply chain by organizing, controlling, managing and tracking for all data and assist that our customer can takes the product development lifecycle by automated product- specific data management.
Utilizing various industrial templates, we build optimal PLM for enterprise management and improve product efficiency by transferring product information and design change information to ERP.